Q: How can a business/organization or individual get involved with the Lawrence Public Schools?

A: Through LEAP, a business or organization may establish a partnership with one of the Lawrence Public Schools. A partnership is an ongoing, mutually beneficial relationship with a school or the school district that enriches learning by sharing knowledge, time, and resources. From speaking to a class of students to serving as a mentor, there are many ways for individuals, businesses, organizations, and civic clubs to support students and educators in the Lawrence Public Schools.

Q: What projects do Achievement Partners participate in with a school?

A: Partnership activities are tailored to the needs and resources of each school and business/organization. A few examples of activities include reading to elementary students, tutoring, guest speaking, providing workplace tours, and connecting classroom activities to work life.

Q: Who should partner with a school?

A: From pet food companies to pizza parlors, civic groups to non-profit organizations, international companies to small businesses, we welcome those who seek to improve the academic and personal growth of local students from early childhood to high school.

Q: Why should my business consider partnering with a school?

A: As you know, an educated workforce is the foundation of a prosperous community. Becoming an Achievement Partner is a way to share your time and expertise and to increase the visibility of your business/organization. More than 100 businesses and organizations have joined our effort to bring the community and the classroom together.

Q: How much time, money, and in-kind resources do we need to devote to the program?

A: Achievement Partners are not required to donate a specific amount of human, financial, or in-kind resources. As you get to know your partner school, you will explore ways to support one another.

Q: What are the expectations of Achievement Partners and their partner school?

A: We expect Achievement Partners and schools to be committed to regularly communicate with each other to identify partnership activities that meet both school and business/organizational goals.

Q: How are Achievement Partners matched with a school?

A: The Director of LEAP will assist you with this process. Factors that often influence which school a business/organization chooses to partner include proximity, personal connections to the school, and the school’s needs. We seek to make connections that best match the needs and resources of the school and business/organization.

Q: Do Achievement Partners work with an individual class, grade level, or the entire school?

A: Your partnership will be with an entire school, but you may opt to focus your involvement with a particular part of the school.

Q: Since this is a partnership, what do the schools have to offer their Achievement Partners?

A: Schools recognize the dedication of their partners in a variety of ways. Examples include providing artwork for display at your business, having a school choir perform at one of your special events, recognizing your contributions in a school newsletter or at a school event, and having your name listed on our list of Achievement Partner to enhance the visibility of your active role in the community.

Q: Can employees from my organization be involved in varying ways at the school?

A: Yes, when you meet with your partner school, you will collaboratively identify activities that match your interests.

Q: Who should I contact to become an Achievement Partner?

A: For more details on how you can become an Achievement Partner, contact the LEAP office at 785.330.2790 or

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